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Frosty will turn eight in February of '04 which makes her the "Old Lady" of Spiritwind. She is here because she is a "heart goat" rather than a real asset to the herd. Although a very nice kid with a Junior Champion leg, she freshened with a small udder with a pocket. She also isn't a very good milker. Her kids, until last year, have not been what I would have expected out of her bloodlines and she tends to have difficult kiddings. However, her daughter (Frost Fire) from two years ago is very nice and a decent milker.

I had no intention of breeding her again, but just to let her live out her life in peace. She had other ideas and "The Thing" is probably her best kid. I do not intend to breed her again, but knowing Frosty she will probably kid in May.

                                                                         MCh. Goodwood Kauri Tree
                    Goodwood Tickletongue
                                                 Goodwood Bedouin
Ohlone Frosty
                                                 Goodwood Tickletongue
                     Ohlone Token's Tidbit 
                                                 Willows Token