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Spiritwind Here Comes The Sun

HC was something of a surprise. Her mother (Sunny) is my best milker, but isn't much in the show department. She doesn't have the udder attachments, or the dairy character to show well. HC seems to have the best of both worlds. Her production wasn't exactly fantastic as a first freshener at around a pound and a half, but this line tends to double production the second year. If HC follows that pattern she will do well as a second freshener. She has wonderful dairy character with wide open ribbing, wonderful skin texture and nice sharp withers. I liked HC so much I repeated the breeding last year. Shine is very similar in character to her older sister.

                                               Inavale Texas Ranger
            OTR Ranger's Ian
                     OTR Fifinella Capris 2*D AR1491
Spiritwind Here Comes the Sun
                            Piddlin Acres Spirit of Texas
            Spiritwind Sun Spot *D
                                    Ohlone token's Tidbit