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Ch. Spiritwind Cocoa Krispies

Krispie is my heart goat. Fortunantly she is also one of my best. She has depth and width, a socked on udder and lovely dairy character. I would like a more level rear. She is also bright, inquisitive and loves to show. Her record is impressive. She was shown twice as a yearling, going Best Udder in one ring. As a two year old she freshened late and was only shown once. She was Grand Champion, Best Udder, and Best of Breed. She has been shown five times as a three year old. She was Grand Champion and Best Udder at the first two shows which finished her. At her next three shows she was Best of Breed from the Champion Challenge Class and Best Udder (when it was offered) at all three shows! She is unbeaten in her breed for the last two years! I am hoping to get Krispie's milk star next year. She milks about 5-6 pounds a day.

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Ch. Spiritwind Cocoa Krispies
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