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Lightening is a solid black doe with an off-center white blaze. She is large, being a 50/50 cross, around 26.5 inches.  Her body is her strength.  She is long and level with a long, though slightly steep rump.  Her udder isn't awful, but it isn't as strong as her body.  The side attachments and medial could be better and the teats are a bit east and west.  However, she is easy to milk and a good producer.  Her triplet does from this year were only shown twice but between them they have 2 class firsts, 2 class 2nds, 1 class 3rd, 1 class 4th, 1 Jr. Grand, and one Best Jr. Doe in Show.

                              Inavale Opus
                  Inavale Monte Carlo
                               Goodwood Pentangle
Spiritwind Lightening
                              Heathero Kriss
                  Heathero Kookies N Kream
                              Heathero Konfection