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Spiritwind Lute

Lute is an enigma wrapped in a mystery. She was a normal sized kid, who seemed to stop growing around eight weeks of age. When I disbudded her I thought I'd killed her. She simply collapsed. The only time anything like that has happened here! My vet thinks she has a mild heart malformation and neither of us expected her to live to grow up.

Lute surprised both of us. Not only did she live, though she is still only the size of most of my five to six month old kids, she kidded herself. She had a single buck kid last year, much to my surprise. She was so small she could get in and out of the pens at will. I never saw her cycle and decided she was sterile. She didn't show any signs of pregnancy until I found her with the kid. She was shown once this year and was 3rd out of 5. Not bad considering she was only ten days fresh!

Lute is a very nice doe, except for her size. She has a well attached udder, loverly dairy character and is very easy to milk, despite having the smallest udder I've ever seen! It does fit the size of the doe, though. My milk machine won't stay on her because the udder is too small! I'm waiting to see if she kids again this year. She seems perfectly healthy at this point. I still have her in the kid pen because she is too small to compete with the bigger girls. Her kids (unless they have blue eyes) will be unregisterable, but would be available as pets. She is extremely personable. Since I couldn't keep her in a fence she was the yard goat. She ran around anywhere she chose, usually underfoot.

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