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Nigerian Bucks

These are the Nigerian bucks living at Spiritwind.  Click on the name of the buck to see more information and pictures of the buck.
Height is from the last time I measured.  I try to measure each near their birthday for the first three years. 
The "For Sale" column indicates if the buck is for sale.  A question mark means I haven't made up my mind or the sale depends on other factors. For instance, I might be willing to sell one of a pair, but not both. So they get question marks until one is sold.
Name Birthdate Sire Dam Height Show For Sale
Piddlin Acres Checkmate 2/22/02 MCh Piddlin Acres Blue Thunder VG Piddlin Acres Tic Tac Doe E 2_ Grand No
Rosasharn Tom's B'Udder Up *S" 2/10/02 ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb+*S Stonewall's Baby 'Uddercup 2*D - NS No
OTR Ranger's Ian 4/19/99 Inavale Texas Ranger OTR Fifinella Capris 2*D 21.5 Not shown No
Flat Rocks Jubilation 5/12/03 MCh Ponders End Minstrel Show Flat Rocks Celebration Kid NS No
Gay-Mor's NB Ncahoots *S 12/15/00 Gay-Mor's RA Nighting Bug Piddlin Acres Alley Oops *D Kid Class 5th No
Spiritwind Licorice Whip 4/26/01 Piddlin Acres Spirit of Texas Spiritwind Freesia Kid Not shown No
Mountain Quest PhantomO'Opera 5/25/01 Twin Creeks BT As You Like It *S Mountain Quest Phantom Kid 1st No
Piddlin Acres King of Cool 3/1/01 Green Gate King Midas Piddlin Acres Cool Whip ? Not shown No