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Nutty is a nice doe, with a nicely attached udder. She wasn't shown this year, but has usually placed in the top half of her class in years past. Her weakness is her lack capacity. She is an excellent brood doe, all of her kids have been an improvement. Her daughter, Neah, was shown 4 times. She was 5th once, Res Jr. Ch. once and Jr. Ch. twice. Nutty is bred to Bud. She kidded Dec. 25th with a buck and two does. One of the does and the buck will be for sale. (bottle raised)

                                           Gay-Mor Berry's Johnny Jump-Up *S
                    Gay-Mor's JJU Larkspur *S
                        Far N Best Suzuki
Spiritwind Nuthatch
                        Ohlone Buckbuck
            Spiritwind Trillium
                                Car-Lin Fantasmic *D