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Buttin'Heads Just A Tryefle

Justin is a study in patience. I had not seen him when I bought him. I chose him based on his genetics. When he arrived (via a somewhat involved route) I had already entered him in the show I picked him up at. He went dead last in both rings. I was philosophical about the whole thing. After all, I did buy the genetics, not the show winner. I still wasn't sure about him, so I sent him to friends to use on their first freshening Obies. The Obie kids came out quite nice and Justin had really grown up!!! I decided to try another show. He was Grand Champion in the first ring and Reserve Grand in the second! What a difference a year makes! He has been used extensively this year. I hope he improves Nigerian rears as much as he did Obie rears. He also has a sweet, gentle temperment.

                       Heartwood Whiz Kid +S
            Buttin'Heads Swhiz On Rye +*S
                        Buttin'Heads Whole'wheat Toast 2*D/FONT>
Buttin'Heads Just A Tryefle
                         Karim's Ole +S
            ARMCh Buttin'Heads Camisole' 2*D
                        ARMCh Columbus Zoo Godiva *D