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The LaManchas

Here are my LaManchas.  Fancy was my old lady.  She was twelve when this picture was taken   Her quads were my first MiniManchas. She was my herd queen and my love. I lost her in May 2000. She is missed.

Next is Silver.  Silver was purchased to cross with my Nigerian bucks for MiniManchas.  However she kept on growing.  She is a very tall LaMancha and was too big for my Nigerian buck.  So I bred her to my MiniMancha buck.  She had two beautiful doe kids.  But, since she is still too tall for my Nigerians, she was sold. Her two daughers can be seen on my MiniMancha page..  She had just fed her kids in this picture and was not full of milk. 

I will add a picture of Geoduck soon.