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Hi Katie, please remember these are very rough pictures. These guys are shedding their thick winter coats and look pretty moth eaten at this point. Clipped and ready for show most of these are nice does. All placed mid class or better in their age classes when dry except Storm who was not shown. This page is also slapped together. :) I'll add more does over the next couple of days. I'm going to do milk test for the yearlings tomorrow and the two year olds the day after. Then I'll have a better idea about udders and who else will be for sale.

Storm needs medial and some width to make her a show prospect. She isn't very friendly, but she will come out to the milk stand for grain, and I suspect would come to hand as well, though I haven't tried it at this point. Her background is excellent. Her dam is my best doe and the only one I've had go Grand Champion as a milker.Her sire is probably the reason for her lack of medial. He produced some of my best milkers, but was hit or miss with udder attachments. Some were excellent, some weren't. Dee is his granddaughter. Storm is a 2 year old first freshener.

This is Cantalope. Cant is Fig's daughter from last year. She is a nice little doe, but lacks medial. (Do you see a pattern here?!) She doesn't have Fig's wild spots, but then Fig has never had a kid with those spots anyway. Cantalope is the only girl from a set of quints. I've decided to go ahead and keep Fig and sell Cant. She isn't lap friendly, but isn't wild either. She is a very quiet doe, bottom of the pack type. (At least in my large herd, sometimes that can change in a smaller herd.

Dee looks like a messy porcupine in this picture. She has a fine textured outer coat with a thick undercoat which she is now shedding out. There really is a nice body under that. Dee is a joy to milk, but doesn't have the attachements to be a show doe. Her mom is my best milker, and her sister has a Best Udder in Show award as a first freshener. Sister is tri-color and mom is red and white, so the potential for color and good udders is there. It just didn't show up in Dee. She is friendly and has adopted another doe's kid, so will raise her own just fine.Dee is a two year old 1st freshener.

This is Goldie's kid. I'm keeping Gold Bar so she will be for sale. She is too young to really evaluate, she is just cute. Very friendly and outgoing as well. She is more expensive than the others, because she is a show potential kid.

Cricket is a nice enough doe. She just doesn't seem to have the attachments, especially medial. I still have her mom. She also is a bit short legged. It wouldn't hurt her in the ring, but I don't like it personally. Cricket is a yearling first freshener.

This is a really awful picture of Windy/Breezy. She is friendly, has good dairy character, her udder is well attached but it only has one side. Her sister is basically identical, except she seems to have both sides to her udder. I'm keeping the sister. She is polled. Windy/Breezy is a yearling first freshener. BTW, I'm not sure you can tell from this picture, but both sisters have a bit of frostbite damage to the eartips. They were born when I was at work during a day that got down to -26! It was well below freezing even during midday.

Figgy is a mature doe. I checked her the other day. She is oversized. She has a nicely attached udder, needs a bit more dairy character in the areas of skin texture and flatness of bone. If she were in standard height she would probably be on my show string. I wouldn't be parting with her, but I have two daughters and a son. She was born July 98.

I'm not sure you'll have any interest in Iris, but just in case. She is a small black and white doe with a well attached udder. Her teats lack definition, but the udder is pretty nice. She is a 2*D. The major drawback to Iris is her age. She is also a 98 doe. She has also produced kids with teat faults, though she doesn't have one herself. She was 2nd place in her class as a yearling at the 99 National Specialty. She needs more dairy character to be really competitive in the ring. She is very friendly, but a bit on the stubborn side.

This is HC (short for Here Comes the Sun. She is Sunny's daughter (best milker). Her sire is Ian. I put both sides up because she looks so different on the two sides. :) I would keep her, but I've repeated the breeding, so I really don't need her. She is semi-friendly. She comes readily for grain but doesn't particularly care about people. She is polled. Drawback is her height. She is fairly tall and may go oversized. Both parents are right on the line.

This is Cantelope. Sorry the picture is so hard to see. I couldn't get her to move and she blends with the goat behind her. The other picture is her doe kid from this year. I included it to show the potential when she is bred to a white factored buck. This is Fig's daughter. She just doesn't have the udder attachments I am looking for. She is a quiet doe, who is at the bottom of the pecking order. She is fairly friendly and might become much friendlier in a smaller herd where she isn't always being pushed aside.

This is Hooty.

Here is Ian. I didn't include Ian because he is Dee's father. He might work for another doe though. He really adds dairy character and udder attachements, but he also really decreases udder size. He is where the polled does are from.