These are the Nigerian does presently for sale at Spiritwind.  Click on the doe's name for more information on her.

The "Milk Avg" column gives the average daily lactation at 5 weeks fresh or earlier if she hasn't been fresh for 5 weeks yet.  There may be information on past lactations or one-day test results on the doe's information page.  Just click her name for the information.

Nigerians for Sale
Name Birthdate Sire Dam Milk Avg Top Show Win
Spiritwind Trillium 5/4/97 Ohlone Buckbuck Car-Lin Fantastic *D 1.95 Not shown
Spiritwind Apricot 4/6/99 Inavale Alphabets Spiritwind Hyacinth 2.9 Class 2nd
Spiritwind Black Currant 7/7/98 Piddlin Acres Spirit of Texas Spiritwind Petunia 2.8 Not shown
Spiritwind Oriole 4/9/99 Gay-Mor's JJU Larkspur *S Ohlone Beauty 1.2? Not good
Spiritwind RI Harper (sale pending) 3/24/00 OTR Ranger's Ian Spiritwind Dewey 1.1 Class first
Spiritwind Chickadee 4/11/99 Gay-Mor's JJU Larkspur *S Spiritwind Ink Spot 2.42 2nd & 3rd
Spiritwind Black Current 7/7/98 Piddlin Acres Spirit of Texas Spiritwind Petunia 2.8 No shown
Spiritwind Sunrise/A> 1/24/01 Flat Rocks Champion Design Spiritwind Sun Spot .8? Not shown
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