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MiniMancha Does

These are the MiniMancha does living at Spiritwind.  Click on the name of the doe to see more information and pictures of the doe and this year's kids.
Percentages are listed with the Nigerian percentage first, then the LaMancha percentage.
The "Gen." column is the number of generations the doe is.
Height is from the last time I measured.  I try to measure each near their birthday for the first three years. 
The "For Sale" column lists the status of the doe.  A question mark means I am waiting for the doe to freshen to make a final decision about her place at Spiritwind.
Milk will be from DHI Self Test, it is unofficial because it is self test, but it is as accurate as I can make it. Milk first, then fat.
Name Birthdate Sire Dam Percent 
Milk Avg Gen. Height Show Kids/Due For Sale
Spiritwind Lightening 3/30/98 Inavale Monte Carlo Heathero Kookies N Kream 50/50 5.6 1 26.5 Not shown Sold No
Timber*Cove Orange Marmalade 6/01 Winterwood's D Cyclone Timber*Cove S Peaches-N-Kream LaMancha NT Foundation -- Not shown Buck No
Spiritwind Something Wicked 3/11/03 Timber*Cove Orange Marmalade Gay-Mor's Nearly Nice 50/50 2.35 1 21.75 Jr.Grand Ch Sold No
Spiritwind Something Surprising 1/2/03 Spiritwind Kumquat Jam Spiritwind Snow Goose 66/34 18" 1 1.4 2nd Sold No
Spiritwind Something Scintillating 3/25/03 Twin Creeks Polar Express Spiritwind Paprika 75/25 Kid 2 - Reserve Jr. Grand Wether Yes
Spiritwind Nutmeg 3/29/02 Spiritwind Sixteen Tons Spiritwind OVW Coriander 75/25 ? 2 22 Not shown Keeping No
Spiritwind Something Sparkling 3/25/03 Twin Creeks Polar Express Spiritwind Paprika 75/25 - 2 No BJDiS Dry No
Ch. Spiritwind PAC Saffron 5/21/00 Piddlin Acres Cadbury Spiritwind Honeycomb 56/44 3.85 2 23.25" Grand Sold No
Spiritwind Six Ways From Sunday 2/17/01 Piddlin Acres Cadbury Spiritwind Six K 37.5/62.5 3.2 2 22.75" Reserve Grand Keeping No
Spiritwind Cocoa Krispies 3/5/01 Piddlin Acres Cadbury Spiritwind Cocoa Puffs 62.5/37.5 3.1 2 ? Best of Breed Sold No
Strangewind's Bronze Dragon 3/5/01 Strangewind's Jade Dragon Strangewind's Rum Cocoa 25/75 5.1 2 22" 2nd Reserved No
Spiritwind Monday 3/2/02 Strangewinds Jade Dragon Spiritwind Six Ways From Sunday 68.75/31.25 Just Fresh 2 22.5 NS Reserved No
Spiritwind Cinnamon 1/20/02 Spiritwind Panch Phoran Spiritwind RI Arrowroot 62.5/37.5 Kid 2nd - Grand Champion Keeping No
Spiritwind Mustard Seed 5/2/03 Piddlin Acres King of Cool Spiritwind Saffron 62.5/37.5 Kid 1st - Jr. Grand Not bred No